Friday, 19 July 2013

Hyderabad Marathon Details

The best organized marathon in India is back! Like every year, the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon will be held on the last Sunday of August – which is on 25th this year. Registrations are now open with enough time for you to train.
Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the best organized race in India and the gorgeous climate of Hyderabad in August. The twin cities have the perfect climatic conditions for a full marathon and the participants may enjoy a run that kick-starts with pleasant morning.


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Travel Details:

Onward Journey :-
Train Name:-Garib rath,
Date:-23rd Aug, Friday
Departure Time:-2050 hours (8:50pm)
From:-Yeshwantpur Railway station
Arrival Time at the destination(Secunderabad):-0835hours(8:35am)


Return Journey :-
Train Name:-Garib rath,
Date:-8 pm 25th Aug, Sunday
Departure Time:-1910hours (7:15pm)
Arrival Time Yeshwantpur:-0710hours (7:10am)

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